Source code for pypowsybl.sensitivity.impl.util

# Copyright (c) 2023, RTE (
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
from datetime import datetime
from enum import Enum
from typing import List

from pypowsybl._pypowsybl import PyPowsyblError

from pypowsybl import glsk
from import Network
from pypowsybl import _pypowsybl
from .zone import Zone
from .dc_sensitivity_analysis import DcSensitivityAnalysis
from .ac_sensitivity_analysis import AcSensitivityAnalysis

[docs]class ZoneKeyType(Enum): GENERATOR_TARGET_P = 0 GENERATOR_MAX_P = 1 LOAD_P0 = 2
[docs]def create_empty_zone(id: str) -> Zone: return Zone(id)
[docs]def create_country_zone(network: Network, country: str, key_type: ZoneKeyType = ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_TARGET_P) -> Zone: substations = network.get_substations() voltage_levels = network.get_voltage_levels() print(key_type.__class__) print(ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_MAX_P.__class__) print(key_type == ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_TARGET_P) if key_type in (ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_MAX_P, ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_TARGET_P): # join generators, voltage levels and substations to get generators with countries generators = network.get_generators() generators_with_countries = generators.join( voltage_levels[['substation_id']].join(substations[['country']], on=['substation_id']), on=['voltage_level_id']) # filter generators for specified country filtered_generators = generators_with_countries[generators_with_countries['country'] == country] shift_keys = filtered_generators.target_p if key_type == ZoneKeyType.GENERATOR_TARGET_P else filtered_generators.max_p shift_keys_by_id = dict(zip(filtered_generators.index, shift_keys)) elif key_type == ZoneKeyType.LOAD_P0: # join loads, voltage levels and substations to get generators with countries loads = network.get_loads() loads_with_countries = loads.join( voltage_levels[['substation_id']].join(substations[['country']], on=['substation_id']), on=['voltage_level_id']) # filter loads for specified country filtered_loads = loads_with_countries[loads_with_countries['country'] == country] shift_keys_by_id = dict(zip(filtered_loads.index, filtered_loads.p0)) else: raise PyPowsyblError(f'Unknown key type {key_type}') return Zone(country, shift_keys_by_id)
[docs]def create_zone_from_injections_and_shift_keys(id: str, injection_index: List[str], shift_keys: List[float]) -> Zone: """ Create country zone with custom generator name and shift keys Args: country: Identifier of the zone injection_index: IDs of the injection shift_keys: shift keys for the generators Returns: The zone object """ shift_keys_by_id = dict(zip(injection_index, shift_keys)) return Zone(id, shift_keys_by_id)
[docs]def create_zones_from_glsk_file(network: Network, glsk_file: str, instant: datetime) -> List[Zone]: """ Create country zones from glsk file for a given datetime Args: glsk_file: UCTE glsk file instant: timepoint at which to select glsk data Returns: A list of zones created from glsk file """ glsk_document = glsk.load(glsk_file) countries = glsk_document.get_countries() zones = [] for country in countries: c_generators = glsk_document.get_points_for_country(network, country, instant) c_shift_keys = glsk_document.get_glsk_factors(network, country, instant) zone = create_zone_from_injections_and_shift_keys(country, c_generators, c_shift_keys) zones.append(zone) return zones
[docs]def create_dc_analysis() -> DcSensitivityAnalysis: """ Creates a new DC sensitivity analysis. Returns: a new DC sensitivity analysis """ return DcSensitivityAnalysis(_pypowsybl.create_sensitivity_analysis())
[docs]def create_ac_analysis() -> AcSensitivityAnalysis: """ Creates a new AC sensitivity analysis. Returns: a new AC sensitivity analysis """ return AcSensitivityAnalysis(_pypowsybl.create_sensitivity_analysis())
[docs]def set_default_provider(provider: str) -> None: """ Set the default sensitivity analysis provider Args: provider: name of the default sensitivity analysis provider to set """ _pypowsybl.set_default_sensitivity_analysis_provider(provider)
[docs]def get_default_provider() -> str: """ Get the current default sensitivity analysis provider. Returns: the name of the current default sensitivity analysis provider """ return _pypowsybl.get_default_sensitivity_analysis_provider()
[docs]def get_provider_names() -> List[str]: """ Get list of supported provider names Returns: the list of supported provider names """ return _pypowsybl.get_sensitivity_analysis_provider_names()
[docs]def get_provider_parameters_names(provider: str = '') -> List[str]: """ Get list of parameters for the specified sensitivity analysis provider. If not specified the provider will be the default one. Returns: the list of provider's parameters """ return _pypowsybl.get_sensitivity_analysis_provider_parameters_names(provider)