FlowDecomposition.add_monitored_elements(branch_ids, contingency_ids=None, contingency_context_type=pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ContingencyContextType.ALL)[source]#

Add branches to be monitored by the flow decomposition. This will create a XNEC for each valid pair of branch and state. You can select the type of states you want. If you provide contingency ids, do not forget to create them before calling this function. If no contingency ids are provided, elements added by this function will be XNE only.

  • branch_ids (List[str] | str) – List of branches to monitor

  • contingency_ids (List[str] | str | None) – List of contingencies

  • contingency_context_type (pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ContingencyContextType) – Defines if the branches should be monitored for all states (ALL by default), only N situation (NONE) or only specified contingencies (SPECIFIC)

Return type: