Network.create_extensions(extension_name, df=None, **kwargs)[source]#

create extensions of network elements with data provided as a DataFrame.

  • extension_name (str) – name of the extension

  • dfs – the data to be created A single dataframe or a list of dataframes can be given as arguments

  • kwargs (_SupportsArray[dtype[Any]] | _NestedSequence[_SupportsArray[dtype[Any]]] | bool | int | float | complex | str | bytes | _NestedSequence[bool | int | float | complex | str | bytes]) – the data to be created, as named arguments. Arguments can be single values or any type of sequence. In the case of sequences, all arguments must have the same length.

  • df (DataFrame | List[DataFrame | None] | None) –

Return type:



The id column in the dataframe provides the link to the extensions parent elements