Network.update_extensions(extension_name, df=None, table_name='', **kwargs)[source]#

Update extensions of network elements with data provided as a DataFrame.

  • extension_name (str) – name of the extension

  • table_name (str) – for multiple dataframes extensions, to precise which dataframe to modify

  • df (DataFrame | None) – the data to be updated

  • kwargs (_SupportsArray[dtype[Any]] | _NestedSequence[_SupportsArray[dtype[Any]]] | bool | int | float | complex | str | bytes | _NestedSequence[bool | int | float | complex | str | bytes]) – the data to be updated, as named arguments. Arguments can be single values or any type of sequence. In the case of sequences, all arguments must have the same length.

Return type:



The id column in the dataframe provides the link to the extensions parent elements