get_unused_order_positions_before(network, busbar_section_id)[source]#

Gets all the available order positions before a busbar section.

  • network (Network) – the network in which the busbar section is.

  • busbar_section_id (str) – the id of the busbar section from which we want to get all the available positions before.

Return type:

Interval | None


Gets all the available positions between the lowest used position of a given busbar section and the highest used position of the busbar section with the section index equal to the section index of the given busbar section minus one. The result is an interval that includes the lowest available value and the highest available value. About order positions: order positions represent the relative positions of every connectable compared to each other on a busbar section. It is filled in the ConnectablePosition extension under Order. Each connectable has as many positions as it has feeders.


Let’s take two busbar sections. The first one, bbs1, has 3 feeders with taken order positions 5,6,7. The second, bbs2 has two feeder with taken order positions 11 and 12. Then, get_unused_order_positions_before(bbs1) will return [-infinity, 4] as an interval and get_unused_order_positions_before(bbs2) will return [8,10] as an interval.