SecurityAnalysis.add_operator_strategy(operator_strategy_id, contingency_id, action_ids, condition_type=pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ConditionType.TRUE_CONDITION, violation_subject_ids=None, violation_types=None)[source]#

Add an operator strategy to the specified contingency

  • operator_strategy_id (str) – unique ID for the operator strategy

  • contingency_id (str) – the contingency on which the operator strategy applies

  • action_ids (List[str]) – the list of actions to be applied as part of the strategy

  • condition_type (pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ConditionType) – the type of condition

  • violation_subject_ids (List[str] | None) – identifiers of network elements monitored to apply the operator strategy

  • violation_types (List[pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ViolationType] | None) – type of violations to consider to apply the operator strategy

Return type: