Network.create_voltage_levels(df=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Creates voltage levels.

Return type:



Data may be provided as a dataframe or as keyword arguments. In the latter case, all arguments must have the same length.

Valid attributes are:

  • id: the identifier of the new voltage level

  • substation_id: the identifier of the substation which the new voltage level belongs to. Optional. If defined, the substation must already exist.

  • name: an optional human-readable name

  • topology_kind: the topology kind, BUS_BREAKER or NODE_BREAKER

  • nominal_v: the nominal voltage, in kV

  • low_voltage_limit: the lower operational voltage limit, in kV

  • high_voltage_limit: the upper operational voltage limit, in kV


Using keyword arguments:

network.create_voltage_levels(id='VL1', substation_id='S1', topology_kind='BUS_BREAKER',
                              nominal_v=400, low_voltage_limit=380, high_voltage_limit=420)